Fantastik Carpet Repair Service

Carpet Sectioning

We specialize in permanently sectioning any damaged areas of carpet by cutting them out and placing bonded inserts in their place.

If you don't have extra carpet leftover from the install, we take what we need from a closet or obscure area and put back something similar so both the damaged areas and the donor area are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing

What is the size of the damaged area?

0-3 inches 3-6 inches 6-12 inches 1-2 feet 2-3 feet 3+ feet*Call for an estimate

Do you have any donor-spare carpet of the same?

*If no, the only option as of now will be to use the carpet from your smallest closet as a donor. Closet may be left empty or we can provide you a different carpet for the closet; a fee may apply. Please let us know in advance.

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